Part 9: Adding an Insert Plate

A router insert plate simplifies the process of adding a router to a table, changing the bit, and even lets you create a bit opening the matches the size of bit you're using. Here's a step-by-step look at how to a snug-fitting recess in the tabletop for the plate.

Combination Router Table

Part 1: Router Table Overview

Part 2: Start with the Base

Part 3: Cabinet Joinery & Details

Part 4: Cabinet Assembly

Part 5: Upper Cabinet Details & Doors

Part 6: Making a Heavy-Duty Top

Part 7: Detail for the Top

Part 8: An Opening for the Router

Part 9: Adding an Insert Plate

Part 10: Installing the Top

Part 11: Horizontal Table Fixed Back

Part 12: Creating The Mounting Brackets

Part 13: Making the Tabletop

Part 14: Making the Mortising Jig

Part 15: Router Table Wrapup