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All About Shellac

Easy-to-use, fast-drying finishes appeal to most woodworkers — us too! So when it comes time to finish small projects, we often reach for a can of shellac. John and Phil talk about what this traditional finish is and some ways to put it to work in your shop.

Talking Shop

All About Shellac

Antique Flooring Saw

Band Saw vs Jigsaw

Benefits Of Backrouting

Best Blade for Small Parts

Better Templates For Routing

Brad Point Bit

Choosing a Table Saw Blade

Choosing Glue

Combination Drill Bits

Contact Cement

Contact Cement - Spray vs. Brush

Custom Plywood Panels

Dado Joint Options

Dispose Oily Rags

Double-Sided Tape

Drilling Guide Tips & Tricks

Dry Assembly and Gluing

Fences For Cove Cuts

Finishing Cherry

Flush-Trim Bit vs. Pattern Bit

Food Safe Finishes

Gluing Up Panels

How Many Clamps

Insert Plate Pop Up

Installing a Lazy Susan

Jig Saw Layout Lines

Just Right Joinery

Layout Lines

Locating Casters

Panel Flipping At The Planer

Planer Vs. Jointer

Planing Basics

Plunge Cuts & Routing Direction

Positioning Featherboards

Rounding Small Tenons

Shelf Pin Drilling Guide

Shelf Pin Holes - When?

Spacer Blocks vs. Stop Blocks

Stopped Grooves & Plunge Cutting

Straight vs. Spiral Bits

Techniques For Tenons

The Great Sandpaper Debate

The Order Of Cuts

Tips & Tricks For Panel Glueups

Using Circle Templates

Using Contrasting Materials

Veneering Plywood

Waterproof Glues

Where To Apply Stain

Workbench Hold-Down Solutions

Working With Glued Up Panels

Working With Patterns