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Video Edition #234.1

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Video Edition #234.1

Designer's Notebook

Greene & Green Bookcase

If you want to build a bookcase, there are several things to think about beyond just a storage space. Phil and Chris talk about the design details that go into building a Greene and Greene-style bookcase.

Router Workshop

Rub Arms

If you're ready to take your router table to the next level, you may want to consider making a rub arm or two. These handy add-ons allow you to tackle curved parts with ease. Phil shows you a few techniques to help get the ball rolling.

Shop Tip

Router Chip Deflector

Routing dovetails using a dovetail jig can lead to a face full of dust. One inventive woodworker solved the problem by reusing an accessory normally used for turning. Check it out.

Video Edition #234.2

Designer's Notebook

Salt & Pepper Set

With a unique mechanism and clean lines, Designer Dennis Volz crafted a salt and pepper mill set that you can use with one hand. Learn about the process and the inside story of how this gift project goes together.

Shop Tip

Gauge Block & Tote

Sometimes, it seems that setting up a router takes longer than the actual cutting. If that's been your experience, then take a look at this two-for-one tip to save time and boost your accuracy as well.

Video Edition #234.3

Woodworking Technique

Ebony Plugs

Contrasting wood plugs give your projects a visual boost. And consistency is the name of the game when it comes to making and installing them. Phil walks through the steps and shares a couple of jigs and a cool tool for getting great results time after time.

Designer's Notebook

Plywood Shop Projects

When setting up a shop, you need a place to work and way to store and organize your tools and supplies. Here Creative Director Chris Fitch shows off his latest workbench and tool rack design. Both pieces are made from sturdy plywood and are built to last and look great, too.

Shop Tip

Lathe Tool Rack

Keeping your turning tools organized and close at hand is one easy way to make a turning project go a lot smoother. With a few scraps of plywood, you can make a rack that accommodates most turning tools.

Video Edition #234.4

Designer's Notebook

Light Table

Project ideas may start as the proverbial napkin sketch, but when you want to do more detailed work, it's nice to have a place to draw. Dennis Volz designed this tilting top, light table to create a portable space for drawings and sketching. Listen in to learn how the project came about.

Shop Tip

Router Stand

When you're using a hand-held router, it would be nice to have a place to set it down safely in between tasks. This compact stand does the job and throws in some extra storage to boot.