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Edition #238.1

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Edition #238.1

Designer's Notebook

Chisel Case

Some tools are worth taking special care of, like chisels for example. Chris Fitch shows off a couple chisel cases Woodsmith has featured in the past. It all leads up to a brand-new design that has a tambour door.

Woodworking Technique

Hand-Cut Tenons

Learning how to make a mortise and tenon joint is an essential woodworking skill. Logan Wittmer shares his approach to cutting a tenon with hand tools.

Shop Tip

Finishing Turntable

Easily getting to all sides of a project is a must for getting small projects completed. This easy-to-build project rotates on common hardware so you can apply even coats of finish.

Edition #238.2

Designer's Notebook

Wood Hinge Cabinet

Wall cabinets contain a lot of woodworking skills in a small package. Chris Fitch shows off his latest project and talks about the process of design and how the details all relate to each other.

Shop Tip

Plywood Edge Clamps

Thin strips of wood easily conceal and protect the edges of plywood panels. The trick is clamping it for a seamless connection. Thankfully, the solution is making an addition to common spring clamps.

Edition #238.3

Woodworking Technique

All About Wax

Wax is one of the oldest and easiest to use finishes. Woodworker and beekeeper Logan Wittmer shares how he puts beeswax to work in his shop.

Great Gear

Hearing Protection

Over time, the noise from power tools can damage your hearing permanently. John Doyle covers a few options for saving your hearing. You're sure to find something that will work for you.

Shop Tip

Small Parts Holder

There's no one-size-fits-all storage solution for the odds and ends hardware that people collect. This version uses toy wood wheels, and pill bottles to create a compact solution for small amounts of hardware.

Edition #238.4

Woodworking Technique

Wood Hinges

You can make a wood hinge of any length with this easy-to-follow approach. Chris Fitch shows how to get the jog done at the table saw and router table. The result adds visual impact and a sturdy connection to your projects.

Shop Tip

Pocket Hole Jig & Clamp Holder

Using a pocket hole jig speeds up the construction of a project. Find a place to set up the jig? That's a different story. Try this approach to storing and using your pocket hole jig to save time and space.

Edition #238.5

Shop Project

Chisel Case Part 1

Follow this plan to build a chisel case for your chisels. Editor Logan Wittmer shows the woodworking techniques to make a case with a tambour lid.

Designer's Notebook

Dressing Table

Storage and organization are at the heart of a modern dressing table. Designer Dennis Volz walks through the decisions around form and function for this unique piece.

Shop Tip

Spare Change Spacer

Tension in wood can lead to the workpiece pinching the blade on your band saw, which could lead to a stall and burned edges. See how to prevent the problem with a spare coin.

Edition #238.6

Shop Project

Chisel Case Part 2

The standout feature of the chisel case project is the tambour lid. Logan Wittmer walks through the process of making the lid and ensuring it slides smoothly in the track.

Shop Tip

Dowel Tenon & Groove

When most of your projects use straight, square parts, working with dowels and other round stock can through you for a loop. Here's a simple add-on for your table saw to make smooth, crisp tenons and grooves.