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Video Edition #235.1

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Video Edition #235.1

Designer's Notebook

Craftsman Bed

This eye-catching bed is designed to go with a Stickley dresser. There's more to the process than copying details. Hear from John Doyle as he walks through the process.

Woodworking Technique

Lattice Panels

One way to boost the visual appeal of your projects is to make a lattice panel. A series of interlocking thin strips form a panel that's sure to attract attention. In Woodsmith 235, the panel was used in a serving tray. But you could just as easily make one for a door. Phil shows the straightforward process on the table saw.

Shop Tip

Drill Press Sander

One challenge of working with small parts is fine-tuning the size safely and accurately. Take a look at this clever setup to turn your drill press into a thickness sander.

Video Edition #235.2

Designer's Notebook

Plywood Shop Projects

Creative Director Chris Fitch shares the details in the latest set of projects for equipping a shop. Whether you're just starting or looking to upgrade your shop, these plywood projects are tough and good looking. And with simple construction, you can quickly make a cart, router table, tool stand, and pair of sturdy sawhorses.

Shop Tip

Hardware Sorting Tray

Most of us have a miscellaneous collection of hardware. Sure those bits and bobs are useful, but it isn't easy to find what you're looking for. Here's a great way to find what you need without making a mess.

Video Edition #235.3

Designer's Notebook

Sliding Door Cabinet

Learn how designer Dennis Volz created this unique sliding door cabinet. At first glance it appears to be a compact storage or display case. However, the front slides open to reveal a larger beverage center. In this small case, you'll find several woodworking techniques hidden inside: working with plywood, inlay, finishing, installing hardware for precision results.

Woodworking Technique

Installing Bed Hardware

The hardware used to join bed rails to head boards and foot boards needs to be create solid assembly, and it has to be easy to take apart. Designer John Doyle walks through the process for installing flush-mounted hardware for top-notch results.

Shop Tip

Dry Erase Reminder

A small piece of dry erase tape can help you keep track of shop supplies. You can also use it as a reminder of what's installed in a brad nailer, or on a sander.

Video Edition #235.4

Router Workshop

Router Edge Jointing

Here's a way to get even more use from your router table. With a simple auxiliary fence, you can use it to put a clean, straight edge on all kinds of workpieces. Logan shows the process — it's easier than you think.

Shop Tip

Magnet Band Saw Stop

The band saw is an ideal tool for cutting joinery like tenons and half laps. A stop block comes in handy to control the length of the cuts. Here's how one reader found a way to make that process simple and effective.

Video Edition #235.5

Woodworking Technique

Inlaid Feet

On a recent cabinet project, designer Dennis Volz added inlay to give the feet some style. The results speak for themselves. What's amazing is how a simple router accessory simplifies the process.

Working With Tools

Router Plane

Long before powered routers, router planes were a common part of a woodworker's tool kit. Logan Wittmer puts one through the paces to show you that this isn't some outdated tool. It can still play a big role in building great projects.

Shop Tip

Dust Hose Adapter

The dust port on my sander doesn't match the size of the hose on my shop vacuum. Sound familiar? Forget jerry-rigging it with duct tape. Instead, a rubber plumbing fixture to saves the day.

Video Edition #235.6

Woodworking Technique

Edging Plywood

Designer Dennis Volz shows how to add a seamless hardwood edging to plywood using a unique router bit set.

Shop Tip

Workmate Mate

A fold-up workbench is a great shop addition. The challenge is keeping track of the bench dogs it comes with. Here's a great solution.