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Video Edition #237.1

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Video Edition #237.1

Designer's Notebook

Veneered Knife Holder

Designer Dennis Volz shares the design details that went into creating a kitchen accessory that takes a new spin on storing and organizing knives and other kitchen utensils.

Shop Tip

Bench Vise Shims

Securing a workpiece on one side of the vise on your workbench can cause the jaws to deflect. This racking can cause damage over time. The answer to this issue can be solved with a trip to your home center.

Woodworking Technique

Making Barn Door Hardware

When coming up with a plan for a new storage piece, designer John Doyle, was surprised at the cost of sliding barn door hardware. So he made his own. Follow along to see just how easy it is to do.

Video Edition #237.2

Designer's Notebook

Barn Door Cabinet

It started with hardware. Designer John Doyle wanted to create a piece that included sliding door hardware. That decision lead a host of other possibilities that ended up with a one-of-a-kind cabinet you can build for your own home.

Shop Tip

Emergency Rasp

A set of files and rasps comes in handy for shaping workpieces. But if you don't have a particular tool close at hand, you may want to consider this unlikely, but effective, solution.

Video Edition #237.3

Woodworking Technique

Creating an Aged Finish

A great project gets even better with age. Craftsman Dana Myers shows how you can get the jump on a well-worn look with this technique. Some paint, some glaze, and a few well-placed dents and dings are all you need.

Router Workshop

Using Router Joinery Bits

Designer Dennis Volz made a rotating knife rack with eight sides. Rather than do battle with miters, he chose to use a special-purpose router bit. Here he shows just how easy it is to set for for best results.

Shop Tip

Circular Router Guide

A router table simplifies all kinds of tasks. And with a good jig, you can make the process accurate and safe. This jig is a good example for making controlled cuts on small round pieces.

Video Edition #237.4

Woodworking Technique

Veneering a Knife Block

Veneer can dress up the look of just about any project. Designer Dennis Volz walks through his approach for applying veneer to a multi-sided canister project. But the technique will work with other small projects, too.

Shop Tip

Portable Router Table

A router table helps you get the most from your router. But that doesn't mean you need one set up all the time. Take a look at this stow-away version to see how it would work in your shop.

Video Edition #237.5

Router Workshop

Best Bits for Small Routers

Small palm routers pack a lot of routing potential in a small size. The key is pairing the router with the right set of bits. Phil Huber shows you 12 bits that should be at the top of your list.

Mastering the Table Saw

Locking Rabbet Joinery

You can cut a strong drawer joint right at the table saw. Phil Huber shows you the process to create a lipped locking rabbet drawer joint with a few simple setups.

Shop Tip

Finding the Switch

In an emergency, you need to shut off your table saw quickly. That means you have to know where the switch is. Here's a simple, low-cost way to give yourself a visual reminder.

Video Edition #237.6

Designer's Notebook

Glueup Cart

Carts come in handy for all kinds of tasks in a woodworking shop. And you can find designs to suit any need. Designer Dillon Baker, found inspiration online when it came to this cart. A generous top, plenty of storage, and unique workholding possibilities make for a versatile shop upgrade.

Shop Tip

Checking for Misfires

In the middle of assembling a project, you may run out of nails and not know it. An air nailer can leave a dimple that looks a lot like a nail. Here's a simple way to find out where the last nail is.

Video Edition #237.7

Designer's Notebook

Modular Wall Shelves

Here's a different approach tackling home storage needs. Creative Director Chris Fitch created a wall system based on plywood sections that can be joined up, down, and sideways. The more sections you add, the stronger the system gets.

Woodworking Technique

Working with Acrylic

Sure, most things you build are made from wood. But clear acrylic comes in handy for shop-made jigs ... and even some furniture projects. The good news is you can use typical tools to cut and shape it. The key is knowing a few techniques to get smooth results. Becky Kralicek shows you the ropes.

Shop Tip

Pocket Hole Jig Station

Assembling a project with pocket screws requires more than just a jig. This reader-submitted project center creates a portable work area that lets you get the job done no matter where you are.