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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does The Video Take Forever To Load?

First, try refreshing the page and if that doesn't work close the browser completely and relaunch it. If your connection is slower than usual, you may need to change the video quality. Click the button in the video player, to the left of the volume slider, and chose a smaller value.

I Hear Sound, But I Can't See Any Video!

If you are seeing a solid color other than black that's a good indication that your video card is either installed incorrectly or needs to be replaced. Download and install the latest video drivers for your computer, usually through updates, and restart your browser.

If you see a black screen it may be because the video player crashed. This happens from time to time and can usually be fixed simply by refreshing the page or completely restarting the browser. You may also have plugins installed that are interfering with the video player which you may need disable for this site.

I See Video, But I Can't Hear Anything!

Check that you have the latest updates for your sound card and that it isn't muted. Some browsers, like Internet Explorer, have separate settings that mute all websites so make sure that isn't set either. Finally, try restarting your computer.

Is Closed Captioning Available?

Unfortunately, we do not have closed captioning for Woodworking Essentials. We are not under obligation by the FCC to provide captioning for web videos and do not have the resources to dedicate to it. Our TV Show does have closed captioning though, and you can watch it online!