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3-Sided Saddle Square

Transferring layout lines from one face or edge of a workpiece to another can sometimes be a real challenge. Here's a shop-built tool that makes the process quick and easy.

Shop Tip

3-Sided Saddle Square

5 Minute Miter Box

Adjustable Bench Dog

Adjustable Shop-Made Arc

Band Saw Sled

Band Saw Zero Clearance Table

Bandsaw Table Gauge

Bar Clamp Connectors

Bench Dog Wrangler

Bench Hook

Bench Vise Shims

Benchtop Clamping Solution

Better Bench Dogs

Better Glue Dispenser

Better Gluing

Biscuit Painter Points

Box Fan Tower

Box Joint Jig Helper

Branding Iron Station

Bucket Blade Bath

Button Box Feet

Carving Tools Caddy

Caster Lock ID

Chamfer Guide

Chamfer Sander

Chisel Sander

Circular Router Guide

Clamp Handle Upgrade

Clamp Rack

Cleaner Flush Cuts

Clever Cove Sander

Cord Keeper

Cutting PVC Pipe

Dado Blade Setup Jig

Door Helper Jig

Double Duty Drawers

Dowel Sizing Jig

Drawer Location Labeling

Drawer Slide Outrigger

Drill Press Angle Jig

Drill Press Buffing Wheel

Drill Press Sander

Dry Erase Reminder

Dust Collector Upgrade

Dust Hose Adapter

Easy Access Paper Towels

Easy Access Plans

Easy Arc Marker

Easy Dado Setup

Emergency Rasp

End Drilling Jig for Dowels

Eye Bolt Paint Mixer

Finishing Standoffs

Flattening a Waterstone

Foam Tool Protector

Folding Bit Organizer

Gauge Block & Tote

Glue Bottle Rack

Glue Cup Keeper

Graph Paper Measuring

Guide Bushing Install

Hand Saw Depth Guide

Handscrew Rack

Handscrew Stop Block

Handy Drill Press Holddowns

Handy Epoxy Storage

Hardware Sorting Tray

Improving A Push Block

Instant Power Bracket

Laminate Labels

Lathe Tool Rack

Layout with Whiteout

Light Cover

Liquid Eraser

Magazine Holder

Magnet Band Saw Stop

Measuring Epoxy

Measuring Round Stock

Multipurpose Supports

Offset Marking Gauge

Outfeed Roller Support Brace

Overhead Storage Tray

Oversized Clamp Grip

Painting Hardware

Pet Collar Cord Keeper

Planning Short Boards

Plans Stand

Plywood Carrying Tote

Plywood Cutting Grid

Plywood Lift

Plywood Shelf Supports

Pocket Hole Jig Base

Pocket Hole Jig Upgrade

Power At The Workbench

Preventing Vise Rack

Propane Torch Storage

Push Block Holder

Push Pad Tray

PVC Clamp Rack

PVC Finishing Supports

Quick & Easy Sanding Pad

Quick And Easy Measuring

Recording Stains & Finishes

Rollerbars For Finishing

Rotary Cutter For Veneer

Router Bit Bearing Removal Jig

Router Chip Deflector

Router Stand

Router Table Edge Trimming

Rule Holder

Safe Screw Disposal

Safety Glasses Holder

Sander Landing Pad

Sanding Block

Saw Blade Tubing Cutter

Saw Horse Flip Stop

Scroll Saw Arm Rest

Sharpening Bench Mat

Shelf Pin Drilling Guide

Shelf Pin Jig Spacer

Shop Notes Board

Shop Tool Caddy

Shop Vacuum Upgrade

Slip-On Vise Faces

Small Clamping Squares

Small Parts Carousel

Small Parts Keeper

Small Parts Miter Trimmer

Small Parts Sander

Small Parts Storage Caddy

Space-Saving Tool Platform

Spline Trimming Jig

Swivel Storage Rack

T-Track Accessory Storage

Table Saw Blade Caddy

Table Saw Blade Guard

Table Saw Tape Shim

Threaded Insert Jig

Tool Holder

Turntable Sander

Waterstone Storage

Workmate Mate