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Router Table Ripping

From Edition #243.1

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Edition #243.1

Shop Project

Router Lift

Part 2: Router Lift, Part 1

A router lift makes working at the router table so much easier. Bit height adjustments and even bit changes can all be handled from above the surface. The thing is most commercial lifts cost way more than the router it holds. You can build your own router table lift for about $50. Follow along to give your router table the upgrade it really needs.

Router Workshop

Router Table Ripping

Shaping profiles and forming accurate joinery details are the bread and butter of router table work. But you can also use your router table to put a straight, smooth edge on a workpiece. Phil Huber takes working at the router table in a whole new direction.

Shop Tip

Handscrew University

Handscrew clamps look a little old fashioned and perhaps a bit clumsy. But they are one of the most versatile clamps you can have in your shop. Here's just one way that you can put it to use.

Edition #243.2

Shop Project

Router Lift

Part 3: Router Lift, Part 2

Simple hardware combined with some plywood and maple create a robust, easy-to-use router lift. Watch John and Logan complete lift and add it to a router table.

Shop Tip

Setup Gauge

On some woodworking tasks, setup takes more time than the actual operation. Careful machine and tool setup pays off in better built projects. Phil Huber shows how a setup gauge can make the job faster without sacrificing precision.

Edition #243.3

Woodworking Technique

Hand-Cut Wide Box Joints

There's more to hand cut joinery than dovetails. Phil Huber demonstrates his approach to cutting wide box joints with a hand saw and chisels. The result is an eye-catching corner joint that builds your skills at the same time.

Working With Tools

Flattening Waterstones

Waterstones are a great option for keeping edge tools in prime shape. In order to do their best though, the surface of the stone requires regular flattening. This task is easier than you think. Phil Huber shares one approach that you can use the next time your waterstones need flattening.

Shop Tip

Planing Small Parts

Your workbench comes equipped to secure most project parts. But when the pieces get small, the standard options may not offer the best solution. Here's one reliable method that can work for you.

Edition #243.4

Working With Tools

Flattening Oilstones

One of the advantages of oilstones is that they wear slowly. But over time, they can develop hollows just like waterstones. Phil Huber shows how to flatten oilstones to give you the best results when sharpening.

Shop Tip

Keep Plywood Flat

Thin plywood sheets will distort and bow if stored improperly. But there's a quick and easy fix for this problem.

Edition #243.5

Shop Project

Shop-Built CNC Router

Part 2: CNC Router

There's a fair amount of woodworking that goes into building a CNC router. But once the machine is assembled, you switch hats to machine operator. Creative director, Chris Fitch walks through some of the essential set up steps you need to take to bring your machine to life.

Designer's Notebook

Cuckoo Clock

Designer Dillon Baker took on the traditional cuckoo clock to come up with something familiar and new all at the same time. The result is this interesting timepiece. It catches your eye for more reasons than just telling time. Find out how this design came about.

Shop Tip

Magnet Depth Stop

Rare earth magnets find all kinds of uses in building projects. Often they need to recessed into a workpiece. Phil Huber shares his trick for creating a recess that's just the right depth. This attractive tip you'll turn to often.

Edition #243.6

Woodworking Technique


The typical approach to making project parts is achieving a near glass-smooth surface. However, you may just want to try this technique to create a worn, weathered surface for an interesting contrast. Phil Huber shows just how easy it is to do.

Shop Tip

Sharpening Forstner Bits

Nothing beats a Forstner bit for drill clean, flat-bottomed holes — unless the bit is dull. With a pair of simple diamond paddles, Phil Huber demonstrates how you can get your bits back into shape in a short amount of time.

Edition #243.7

Weekend Project

Tansu Cabinet

Storage projects are fine, but even better when they add a little style, too. Dillon Baker designed this modular system that's easy to build and can be customized to suit your needs. It's modeled after traditional Japanese forms. Best of all, it doesn't take up a lot of space.

Woodworking Technique

Beverage Stand Post

This small table is the perfect sidekick for your favorite chair. It's made from three simple parts. Logan Wittmer shows that the post is the ideal place to hone your turning skills. And it doesn't take much time to make, either.

Shop Tip

Sled Hang-Up

A crosscut sled is constant companion for a table saws. The trouble is finding a place to store it when you're not using it. Here's a simple solution that uses just a few pieces of hardware.

Edition #243.8

Woodworking Technique

Tansu Finishing

Sometimes a smooth, flat coat of paint doesn't suit the project or the look you're after. Designer Dillon Baker employed a layered finish to create and aged look. He shares his process so you can get the same look.

Shop Tip

Shop Valet

There are a few items you almost always need when starting your shop time. Building this small organizer helps you know where to find them.