Edition #241.1

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Edition #241.1

Woodworking Technique

Carved Diamond Molding

"Carved molding" usually means complicated profiles using a number of specialized tools. Chris Fitch demonstrates the process for carving an English Arts & Crafts style molding. The only tool you need is an ordinary bench chisel.

Designer's Notebook

Drill Press Edge Sander

You've probably installed a sanding drum in your drill press to smooth curved edges. But your drill press can do so much more. Designer John Doyle shows off an edge sanding attachment you can build to tackle straight edges, curves, and even miters with confidence.

Shop Tip

Shelf Liner Glue Mat

Sure a workbench is a tool, so it's going to see some wear and tear. But errant dried glue drips can damage project pieces and can be a pain to remove without chipping your benchtop. Here's a simple solution that you can get from a trip to a discount store.

Edition #241.2

Designer's Notebook

Tongue Drum

Designer Dillon Baker took a traditional instrument — the tongue drum — and gave it a unique twist to make it a great project to tackle in your workshop. Learn the behind the scenes details of this clever project.

Shop Tip

Steel Rule Holder

A set of steel rulers forms the foundation of accurate layout and measuring. Unfortunately, these small rulers are easily lost in the shop clutter. Here's a simple solution for keeping within easy reach and protected.

Edition #241.3

Designer's Notebook

Dog Crate Cabinet

The standard pet crate works well for times when your furry companion needs some along time. These crates just don't look so good. Here's a solution that keeps your pet corralled, provides some storage, and looks good, too. Designer Dennis Volz shares the details of his latest project.

Woodworking Technique

Tongue Drum Tuning

Designer Dillon Baker built a tongue drum project. The shape of each tongue is meant to produce a different sound. You can change the tone with some simple steps. Dillon shares the technique and the approach to get a sound profile you like.

Shop Tip

Better Planer Measurement

Attaching a board to a sled makes planing thin stock easier and gives you better results. The only problem is finding a good way to accurately measure the thickness without having to remove the board. Here's a simple solution for using a dial calipers.

Edition #241.4

Shop Project

Drill Press Hold Downs

Drill Press Hold Downs

It's tempting to just hold a workpiece in your hand at the drill press. But it's safer and more accurate to clamp it in place. Phil Huber explains how to build these clever hold-downs without spending a lot of time or money.

Shop Tip

Biggest Fan Upgrade

Having a box fan (or two) in your shop provides good air movement for warm summer days and while finishing. You can get double duty from the fan with a simple addition. Now, you can trap fine airborne dust, as well.

Edition #241.5

Working With Tools

Avoiding Tearout

Getting tearout while hand planing a surface is probably the biggest frustration you may encounter. Logan Wittmer shows how to tame the beast with some simple advice and a couple plane accessories you may want to consider.

Designer's Notebook

Building A Wardrobe

Storage solutions come in all sizes. This one is definitely on the bigger end of things. Creative Director Chris Fitch shows off his latest project — a wardrobe you can customize to suit your needs. While large, plywood panels make the construction easy to tackle.

Shop Tip

Router Bit Protection

Router bits are expensive, right? The last thing you want is to pull one out and find that it has a chip in the cutting edge. Try this sharp solution to make simple holders to keep your bits in top shape.

Edition #241.6

Router Workshop

Shelf Pin Jig Hack

A shelf pin jig and a hand drill work together to form the holes for adding adjustable shelves to a project. But as Phil Huber explains, there are some drawbacks. The solution is to pair the jig with a small plunge router.

Shop Tip

Tiny Taper Sled

Cutting small parts at the table saw always adds a bit of a challenge to working safely and accurately. This small, versatile sled is one way to stack the odds in your favor.

Edition #241.7

Designer's Notebook

Drill Bit Storage Cabinet

Do you know where your drill bits are? All of them? This question drove designer Dennis Volz to create a storage system that's flexible and large enough to corral all the types of bits and accessories you're likely to have.

Great Gear

Coping Saws

Many woodworkers have a coping saw because they think they need one — not because it's a practical tool. The problem might lie in how well a typical coping saw works. Logan Wittmer walks through the features of several high-end saws to show just what they can do.

Shop Tip

Blade Cover

Whether you're changing a blade or setting a blade aside in storage, it's a good idea to protect the carbide teeth from damage. Here's a solution you may just want to try.

Edition #241.8

Working With Tools

Preventing Snipe

Designer Dillon Baker shows you some shop-tested strategies for diagnosing and preventing snipe when you plane boards down to size.

Shop Tip

Chopped-Up Cutting Board

If you need a jig to run in the miter gauge slot of your table saw, the perfect material might just be in your kitchen right now. Designer John Doyle shows you how to make smooth-sliding jigs with a clever repurposing trick.