Edition #215

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Edition #215

Heirloom Project

Bead-Front Bookcase

Part 14: Staining the Bookcase

The trick to applying stain is getting complete coverage and wipe off the excess before the stain starts to dry. The solution is to break down the process into manageable steps. Here's how to get the job done.

Shop Tip

T-Track Accessory Storage

Power tool accessories like featherboards, stop blocks, and hold-downs make work safer and more accurate. The problem is finding a place to keep these items close at hand. Here's a simple storage solution that won't take long to make.

Shop Project

Combination Router Table

Part 10: Installing the Top

The router table project is ready for installing the top. The plywood quadrants make it easy to transform the table from a standard table to a horizontal routing configuration.

Heirloom Project

Bead-Front Bookcase

Part 15: Applying the Finish

The last touch of any project is applying the finish. In order to get the best look, it pays to plan things out and work on small parts at a time. A bookcase provides a good example to see how this plays out.

Edition #215: Talking Shop

Talking Shop

Jig Saw Layout Lines

A jigsaw can be a real problem solver for making curved cuts. It just won't leave a smooth finish. Bryan and Phil share a few pointers on getting the best result with this versatile tool.

Shop Tip

Space-Saving Tool Platform

Benchtop tools offer big time performance in a compact package. However, you need to clear some bench space to use one. Here's a solution that lets you get double duty out of a common tool.