Edition #207

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Edition #207

Heirloom Project

Serving Tray

Part 7: Final Details And Finish

The serving tray and cutting board wrap up with just a few final details. You cut a beveled rabbet on the bottom side so the board nestles into the tray. Then Bryan applies a finish that brings out the beauty of the wood and protects it for use.

Shop Project

Drill Press Table

Part 3: Making The Fence

A larger drill press table is a definite upgrade. However, a matching fence adds even more usefulness. IN this segment, you can see how to make the fence and discover the handy features that are built into it.

Shop Tip

Shop Vacuum Upgrade

A shop vacuum does a great job tackling day-to-day clean up tasks. If you've ever been frustrated by the floor nozzle sticking to your shop floor, then this tip is for you. A trip to the hardware store offers a great solution.

Edition #207: Talking Shop

Talking Shop

The Order Of Cuts

Whether it's cutting parts to size or cutting dadoes, rabbets, and grooves, the order in which you make the can improve the look of project parts. Bryan and Phil share valuable lessons on preventing tearout and getting cleaner cuts.

Shop Tip

Bucket Blade Bath

A clean table saw blade cuts better, and stays sharp longer. The problem is cleaning a blade can be messy work. Take a look at this simple, low-cost way to contain the mess.