Edition #205

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Edition #205

Heirloom Project

Serving Tray

Part 5: Making The Handles

Shaping the handles is the next step on the serving tray. The trick is cutting the front and back to match cove on the ends. The solution is a little work at the table saw.

Woodworking Technique

Two Pass Rabbets

Most projects require a cutting rabbet joint or two. You don't need a dado blade to get the job done. Take a look at this technique for cutting smooth, accurate rabbets with a standard saw blade.

Shop Tip

Folding Bit Organizer

It doesn't take long to accumulate a large assortment of drill bits. The challenge is keeping them protected, organized, and easy to access. Here's a flexible wall-mounted rack that gets the job done.

Edition #205: Talking Shop

Talking Shop

Finishing Cherry

Part of the appeal of working with cherry is the natural beauty of the wood as it ages. But when you combine plywood with solid wood, you may need a different approach. Bryan and Phil share some tips for getting the best look.

Shop Tip

Handy Epoxy Storage

Two-part epoxy is a great problem-solving finish. However over time, the components can turn thick and difficult to dispense. Here are a couple of solutions for making sure your epoxy stays fresh.