Edition #115

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Edition #115

Heirloom Project

Greene & Greene Hall Table

Part 22: Shaping Drawer Pulls

The drawers on the Greene & Greene table are nearly complete. All they need now are pulls. Join Don as he creates a custom pull that matches the look of the table.

Shop Project

Dovetail Jig Workstation

Part 1: Dovetail Jig Workstation

Dovetail jigs make quick work of creating good-looking half-blind dovetails. The only trouble is finding a place to use the jig. Bryan shows a handy, wall-mounted station that works great.

Shop Tip

Planning Short Boards

If you save short pieces of lumber for making small projects, you probably need a way to make them thinner. Here's a clever way to do the job safely with a thickness planer.

Edition #115: Talking Shop

Talking Shop

Planer Vs. Jointer

A jointer and thickness planer make a great team for creating straight, flat, and square project parts. Join Bryan and Phil as they discuss which you need to get first.

Shop Tip

Cord Keeper

Power cords on tools can easily turn into a tangled mess. However, Phil shows how a rubber band and piece of dowel can eliminate cord clutter.