Edition #111

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Edition #111

Heirloom Project

Greene & Greene Hall Table

Part 18: Installing the Shelf

The shelf for the Greene and Greene table is anchored to the base with dadoes and screws. The real key is cutting two dadoes to match the spacing of the rails. Don shows the steps it takes for dead-on accuracy.

Woodworking Technique

Creating High-End Hardware

Zinc-plated utility hardware is low in cost and versatile. However the shiny plating can be distracting. Bryan and Phil start with basic hinges can give them a new look with two clever techniques.

Shop Tip

3-Sided Saddle Square

Transferring layout lines from one face or edge of a workpiece to another can sometimes be a real challenge. Here's a shop-built tool that makes the process quick and easy.

Edition #111: Talking Shop

Talking Shop

Using Circle Templates

Marking a straight line is pretty simple. Things get more interesting when you need to lay out a curve, circle, or arc. Thankfully, the right tool for the job is a low-cost circle template. Find out why Don and Bryan consider it a must-have.

Shop Tip

End Drilling Jig for Dowels

It isn't easy to hold onto round stock like dowels when working at the drill press. Whether you need to drill at hole at the end or along the edge, there's a handy solution: build this multipurpose drill press jig.