Part 27: Applying The Finish

The final step of the Greene & Greene table is to apply a finish that matches the look of this unique piece. Join Bryan and Phil as they walk through the considerations for the right type of finish for each section of the project.

Greene & Greene Hall Table

Part 1: Laying Out a Mortise

Part 2: Roughing Out a Mortise

Part 3: Cleaning Up a Mortise

Part 4: Routing Stopped Grooves

Part 5: Completing The Legs

Part 6: Stretcher Layout & Cutting Tenons

Part 7: Shaping the Stretchers

Part 8: Adding Upper Rails

Part 9: Shaping the Spindles

Part 10: Making the Front and Back Panels

Part 11: Assembling the Frames

Part 12: Completing the Base

Part 13: Making the Shelf Rails

Part 14: Adding the Shelf Rails

Part 15: Preparing Parts for the Shelf

Part 16: Basics of Gluing a Panel

Part 17: Completing the Shelf

Part 18: Installing the Shelf

Part 19: Installing a Drawer Guide System

Part 20: Building Rock-Solid Drawers

Part 21: Adding False Fronts

Part 22: Shaping Drawer Pulls

Part 23: Installing Drawer Pulls

Part 24: A Top With Breadboard Ends

Part 25: Decorative Cloud Lift Plugs

Part 26: Completing The Top

Part 27: Applying The Finish

Part 28: Project Wrap Up