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Edition — Independence Day

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Edition — Independence Day

Woodworking Technique

Band Saw Dovetails

Dovetails have both a visual and structural appeal. For tight-fitting joints that look their best, Creative Director Chris Fitch turns to the band saw. Follow along as he shares the steps to creating the pins.

Heirloom Project

Greene & Greene Hall Table

Part 25: Decorative Cloud Lift Plugs

The Greene and Greene table is nearly ready for finish. Phil shows how to add some detail to the top by adding contrasting plugs to the breadboard ends.

Designer's Notebook

Auxiliary Vise

Build a woodworking vise. Hear from Creative Director, Chris Fitch about the process for creating the woodworking plans for an auxiliary vise for your workbench.

Shop Tip

Instant Power Bracket

It seems like an outlet is never close by when you need one. See how Bryan makes a simple modification to an extension cord and a go-anywhere bracket to keep it close at hand.

Designer's Notebook

Plywood Shop Projects

When setting up a shop, you need a place to work and way to store and organize your tools and supplies. Here Creative Director Chris Fitch shows off his latest workbench and tool rack design. Both pieces are made from sturdy plywood and are built to last and look great, too.

Talking Shop

Tips & Tricks For Panel Glueups

Creating a solid wood panel is an essential part of many woodworking projects. Listen in as Bryan and Phil discuss where to apply glue, how much you need, and the best clamps for the job.

Shop Tip

Box Fan Tower

A run-of-the-mill box fan can help you stay cool in the shop or provide fresh air for finishing. The problem is you don't always have a place to put it. This easy-to-build cart offers a great solution.

Shop Tip

Chamfer Guide

A disc sander makes quick work of creating a chamfer. What's challenging is making consistently sized chamfers. This simple jig makes the process quick and easy.

Talking Shop

Planing Basics

A thickness planer is a valuable addition to any workshop. Even though it's a simple tool, there are some things you need to know to get the best results. Bryan and Phil share their favorite tips and tricks for creating smooth, accurate parts.