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Edition #236.1

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Edition #236.1

Designer's Notebook

Byrdcliffe Cabinet

The Byrdcliffe Colony is a lesser-known part of the Arts and Crafts movement. But the craftsmen built furniture that had a unique style of their own. Creative Director Chris Fitch shares his approach for adapting a historic design for modern woodworking.

Woodworking Technique

Using a Wood Plane

A wood handplane is a joy to use. Using one you made yourself is even more fun. Phil talks about the design featured in Woodsmith magazine. Then shows how to set up the plane for making smooth surfaces, straight edges, and simple profiles.

Shop Tip

Chamfer Guide

A disc sander makes quick work of creating a chamfer. What's challenging is making consistently sized chamfers. This simple jig makes the process quick and easy.

Edition #236.2

Designer's Notebook

Dust Collection

Working at the router table can generate a significant amount of dust and debris. More than a nuisance, it can be a health hazard. Designer Dennis Volz shares an approach to collect the finest dust right at the source with an easy-to-build upgrade.

Shop Tip

Plans Stand

Woodworking magazines and project plans are easily buried while working on a project. Here's a way to keep them front and center without cluttering up your bench top.

Edition #236.3

Woodworking Technique

Making Carved Panels

A small cabinet featured in Woodsmith featured doors with decorative panels that look like leaves. You don't need to be a carver to make them. Dana Myers shows how to do it with a scroll saw.

Woodworking Technique

Sharpening a Plane Blade

Sharp tools cut cleaner, work faster, and are actually safer to use. Keeping your tools in top shape doesn't have to be an involved process. Chris Fitch shares his approach to putting a razor sharp edge on your woodworking tools.

Shop Tip

Scroll Saw Arm Rest

Repositioning the blade while making cuts in with a scroll saw can be a awkward task. It seems like you could use an extra hand. Dana Myers provides a simple solution that's simple as can be.

Edition #236.4

Woodworking Technique

Coloring a Carved Panel

Shop Tip

Hand Saw Depth Guide

Cutting to a consistent depth is a key part of working with a hand saw. In addition to your layout lines, you can also put a strip of masking tape to work to serve as a guide.

Edition #236.5

Woodworking Technique

Making Vent Holes

Maintaining good airflow is an important element in collecting dust and chips efficiently at the router table. Designer Dennis Volz walks through the steps to add adjustable vents to a router table. The concept can also be applied to other power tools.

Router Workshop

Stopped Slots & Grooves

Cutting a smooth slot isn't as difficult as it may seem. Editor Logan Wittmer shares two simple approaches to routing slots and grooves at the router table.

Shop Tip

Drawer Slide Outrigger

It can be tough to support a long part while making cuts at the table saw. The solution involves a Workmate, a drawer slide, and a scrap piece of wood.

Edition #236.6

Woodworking Technique

Band Saw Lamp Shade

A desk lamp from Woodsmith magazine featured an interesting take for the shade. It's made from two blanks for solid wood. To get it to bend in a circle, you make alternating cuts at the band saw. Phil Huber shows just how easy it is to do.

Shop Tip

PVC Clamp Rack

No matter how many clamps you have, you need a sensible way to keep them organized and easy to get at. Here's a clever solution that uses a section of PVC plumbing pipe.

Edition #236.7

Designer's Notebook

Desk Lamp

One of the best parts about woodworking is learning how to get the most from your tools. That's where this lamp comes in. Designer Dillon Baker takes you through the design process to give you the inside story on the details of this easy-to-build project.

Woodworking Technique

Dowel Joinery Doors

Building a strong cabinet door doesn't have to be an elaborate process. In fact, you can get the job done with simple tools: a power drill and a doweling jig. Phil Huber shows you a straightforward approach that will let you turn out doors quickly.

Shop Tip

Safe Screw Disposal

Throwing spent utility knife blades, broken screws, or nails straight into the trash can lead to injury or cause a flat tire if the items get out onto your driveway. Shop carftsman Dana Myers came up with a simple solution inspired by a trip to the doctors office and an empty jar of Parmesan cheese.

Edition #236.8

Woodworking Technique

Weaving a Seat

A woven seat not only adds comfort to a chair or stool, but also a visual texture to improve the look of the project. Designer Dillon Baker built a stool for a recent Woodsmith project with a woven seat made from paracord. Here, he demonstates just how easy it is to accomplish.

Shop Tip

Easy Dado Setup

Setting up a box joint jig can often involve a lot of test cuts until the jig and dado blade are set just right. to save time, follow this advice to get the blade dialed in right from the start.