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Edition #211

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Edition #211

Heirloom Project

Bead-Front Bookcase

Part 6: Assembling the Sides

It's time to glue up the side assemblies of the bookcase. There are a lot of parts to manage, so Don shares a few techniques for getting solid, square results.

Shop Project

Combination Router Table

Part 1: Router Table Overview

The next shop project takes a fresh approach with a router table. This version has a tilting top that converts to a horizontal router table to even more capabilities.

Shop Project

Combination Router Table

Part 2: Start with the Base

The starting point in building the router table is making the base. Low-cost, heavy MDF is just the material for making a base that is stable and absorbs vibration. Join Don as he shares the construction details.

Shop Project

Combination Router Table

Part 3: Cabinet Joinery & Details

In addition to providing a firm foundation for the router table, the base incorporates some welcome storage. Take a look at how the base goes together.

Shop Tip

Plywood Shelf Supports

When it comes to trimming hardwood edging on plywood panels, it can be a challenge to handle the panels and balance the router. Here's a safe and easy way to get the job done right.

Edition #211: Talking Shop

Talking Shop

Flush-Trim Bit vs. Pattern Bit

You can create multiple identical project parts with a pattern, a router, and trimming bit. Bryan and Phil talk about two bits that work great for this task. Learn the strengths and best ways to use each one.

Shop Tip

Drawer Location Labeling

A project with a lot of drawers provide plenty of opportunity for confusion. Learn a simple way to keep things straight so the drawers fit right and operate smoothly.